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Jake Black

I grew up snowboarding my entire life. I have been competing, traveling to new places, and exploring the endless facets snowboarding has to offer over the last eighteen years. There is something magical about winter--it is isolated, simple, and still beyond complex. And photography has always been an obsession of mine. I always travel with at least one camera of sorts. My idea is to capture something enchanting along the way, the little details, the unknown factors. Whether it be while riding up the chair, driving toward an unknown mountain range, or the reward beyond that twelve hour hike for a minute ride down--I want to highlight the lucid dreams winter has to offer. I like to capture the purity and manipulate the image to further the imagination. I do most of the 4x5 photo manipulations in camera, on scene, and always on the move. The biggest limitation I have with winter is time. Time disappears in the vast landscapes of white and night. Snowboarding and photography have a lot in common for me. Both have given me absolute freedom to experiment and both allow me to flow. They are euphoric and tranquil at the same time. Free of inhibition and irrational. They are the yin and the yang--everything I need, but far from my absolute. And at the same time, both my snowboarding and photography are very introverted or diffident. I do not strive to progress or create for any reason but to pursue new limits. There is always something beyond. Also, I am currently working on my bachelors in Sustainability, which is to study how to balance between a prosperous economy, a healthy environment, and the equity of people. A lot of it has to do with giving Nature a true value, not in the sense of a price tag, more in the sense of something valuable to everyone. Sustainability promotes creativity and taking a new look at the current status quo; which directly influences my photography. To create the reality we desire, we must change our perspective.

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